Monday, January 26, 2009

The Language your Doctor Speaks…

Here is your cheat sheet for that language your Doctor speaks…


Amniotic fluid: what your baby is more or less swimming in for nine months. When your water breaks, it’s the amniotic fluid that gushes- or more likely trickles out.

Anatomy scan: Halfway through pregnancy you’ll get this, also know as a level 2 ultrasound. It’s your chance to find the sex of the baby. The sonographer also can measure the baby’s length  and head size, and checks for the development of organs, such as the heart and lungs.

Birth Plan: A document you write and then share with your doctor, explaining your preferences for the birth.

Due Date: The date that the baby might arrive.

Heartburn: Pregnancy=slower digestion= a chance to see what heartburn really is about.

Doppler: Doppler fetal monitor picks up baby’s heartbeat. Your doctor will move the handheld device across your belly until they find a whooshing sound (your blood) and a clip-clopping  sound(baby’s heart).

Braxton-Hicks: Practice contractions that can drive a woman crazy. You can tell them from labor contractions only because they don’t get stronger or closer together.

Colostrum: Thin milk, rich in protein and antibodies, produced during pregnancy.

Cord blood: Baby’s umbilical cord had blood stem cells that could help someone overcome disease.

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