Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Lilac Sleeping Masks



Okay so most people laugh when I tell them about this amazing new product for helping babies sleep. We all know of this sleeping enhancement called a sleep mask. However, we only know it to be applicable to the adults today as many sleep deprived individuals need these masks to assist them in sleeping better. But a infant sleeping mask? The Infant sleeping masks are great, for January2008anditemphotos055soothing your sleepy baby at church, home, or on the go. Use the infant sleeping mask as apart of your babies normal sleep routine. This way your baby will associate the mask with sleep time. 


AL said...

Becca, in the newborn ICU we cover babies eyes with blankets to help calm them...which we don't recommend to parents since they are not on monitors at home. Now I am going to tell all the moms to try these! Oh, and my sister-in-law is prego and starting to show, so we are going to come shopping! Allison

Mandy said...

Just wanted to say how much I love your boutique. When I started searching and realized you had a small section for baby gifts I wanted to let you know what I do. I am from Utah and I make each hair accessory bow/flower with my hands. I started my own little boutique and thought some of my stuff would be so fun to have in yoru store or even online. I think it could really help us both. Please look at my site and get back to me if you can!

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