Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lilac Spring Line is Here!!!!!


Wearable from beginning to end and beyond of your pregnancy.  Get ready to feel more beautiful than you expected with Lilacs new spring line.

Tip: to hide the pregnancy back bumps be sure to pucker the material to your body's desire.  Wallah!  They're gone!

avery The Avery top is the perfect shirt for those who want a fabulous look but don't want the fitted look.  Gathers under the bust and at the small of the back give shape to body without hugging it and allow for the sweep of the shirt to fall against your body naturally.

bella_plumThe Bella top is the answer to your prayers.  Sexy neckline is adjustable so you can show as much or as little of your cleavage, and the wrap allows you to accentuate and hide your belly as you please.




The Brynley top beautifully sculpts the belly and features the natural
curve with the moon-shaped single-side ruching.  The adjustable
neckline makes this top ideal for nursing...and showing off your extra
cleavage if you want it to!kalliThe Kalli top perfectly draws the eye inward with the bursting star effect and gives every pregnant body an ultra slimming effect. 






Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What not to feed baby..

Honey: Risk botulism in infants

Cow’s Milk: Not digestible

Wheat(before 6 months) Possible allergen

Peanut Butter, Tree Nuts, Citrus, Shellfish, Egg Whites (before 1-3 years) Possible allergen

Popcorn, Raw Carrots, String Cheese, Whole Grapes, Lollipops, Raisins, Marshmallows: Choking Hazards


If you are on the go: Stash non perishables in your diaper bag: jars of baby food, snacks such as biter biscuits or crackers, and ready- to –pour formula.

If your baby is a fussy eater: Don’t worry if she goes gaga for cottage cheese day after day, but turns her nose at the other foods you offer. Nutritionists say you may have to introduce a new food as many as ten to twelve times before child will try it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Take a Moment



pregnant_tummy_with_dad_s_hands__labor_doula__wh4y Sure you’re tired; sure you’ve got other things on your mind. But it’s a good thing to take a moment each day for you and your partner to remember what brought you here in the first place. Try to have one conversation a day where no one uses the word “baby,” diapers,” money,” or housework.” Skip the dishes once in a while, crawl into bed early and remember what it’s like to hug and kiss each other. The creation of a child is a terrific bond between two people, and keeping the connection will make family life even better.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Come to the Ultimate Girls Day Out Show!




April 17-18 at the South Towne Expo Center in Sandy...

Shop, Shop til you drop!! We've got everything a woman wants!  Makeovers, skin care, the latest in home decor, to health and wellness. You can find a great selection in jewelry, clothing, maternity fashion, purses and cleaning products, not to mention the gifts for any occasion.

Expected Maternity

Fashion Show starts at 4:30  Saturday the 18th
Come check out the NEW Spring inventory from the hottest maternity boutique in Utah!  

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