Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What not to feed baby..

Honey: Risk botulism in infants

Cow’s Milk: Not digestible

Wheat(before 6 months) Possible allergen

Peanut Butter, Tree Nuts, Citrus, Shellfish, Egg Whites (before 1-3 years) Possible allergen

Popcorn, Raw Carrots, String Cheese, Whole Grapes, Lollipops, Raisins, Marshmallows: Choking Hazards


If you are on the go: Stash non perishables in your diaper bag: jars of baby food, snacks such as biter biscuits or crackers, and ready- to –pour formula.

If your baby is a fussy eater: Don’t worry if she goes gaga for cottage cheese day after day, but turns her nose at the other foods you offer. Nutritionists say you may have to introduce a new food as many as ten to twelve times before child will try it.

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