Saturday, October 18, 2008

Skinny Mini

Hey all, Kristy here.  I’m so excited right now, I’m pretty much bouncing off the walls (ask my kids, they’re over it).  Anyway, I’m so so so grateful for this new product that I found after I had my baby that I have to tell you all about it.  Seriously, it is the answer to my dreams (and I was SO skinny in these dreams)...

So, it takes us all nine months to put on the joyous 30+ lbs of pregnancy weight.  But, that weight can just not come off fast enough!  Towards the end of my pregnancy (my 4th mind you), all I could think about was getting this beautiful baby on the outside.  The sleepless nights, crazy bladder urges, swollen ankles, and a bootie to match my belly were all worth it…but seriously - let's get this show on the road.

Well, my darling little Avery was born healthy and perfect!  It sure made all the weight gain and hormonal rages worth it.  But, as I left the hospital and my belly had gone down (barely) I felt that the rest of my body had ballooned up!  I was fat and bloated and kept thinking, "This is the last time I will ever be the size of a whale – EVER"!  At least I had an excuse 2 days earlier, not the case anymore now that baby was sad.

After recovering from the delivery and taking it easy for a few weeks, I was ready to get this squishy body back into shape!  I lined up my workout plan, renewed gym membership and was READY to go!  I woke up early and dragged my tired, sleep- deprived body to the gym.  I worked out like crazy trying to get my body back in shape as quickly as possible.  The weight.........was not coming off.  After chatting with a trainer about my frustration of my slow weight loss, he told me "Kristy, just EAT LESS and EAT HEALTHY".  He then told me that I could run 10 miles a day, but if I'm eating like a pig, the weight won't come off.  He totally figured me out.  I ate like a PIG.

Well, (and here’s where it gets good) our sister Heather had been losing weight with some new weight loss product.  I have never really bought into the whole world of weight loss scams, but this one seemed different.  I noticed her at family meals.... EATING LESS.  She didn't talk about it, she didn't complain about what she couldn't eat - she just wasn't eating as much.  This is out sister Heather Hansen who was one of the finalists on NBC's "Biggest Loser", so this girl normally really likes to eat.  It was then that I wanted to know more about the product she was taking (she is also the spokesperson for this company so I figured she’d give me the REAL scoop).  Well, after she explained to me what it was and how it worked I was on board.   It seriously is brilliant! 

Click here to watch the video and see how it works.

Within 10 days, I lost seven pounds.  I didn't feel like I was depriving myself, I was just eating less.  Eating smaller portions, but still eating what I wanted to.  I was just full - all the time!  Anyway, the concept is so smart: put something into your stomach to make it feel full, and VOILA  you eat less.  It is even safe while nursing, which was very important to me.  The gist of it is that you take a pill 30 minutes before eating, it expands, takes up space in your stomach and solidifies, and then after 4 hours or so it liquefies and passes out of your body.  It doesn't absorb or digest, so absolutely no side effects.  I lied, one side effect..... WEIGHT LOSS.  Yeah!  Pretty dang crazy, but like I said earlier – I really am grateful that I found this product.

If you want to read up and get more information CLICK HERE.

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