Thursday, October 9, 2008

Little Angels Photography

Here are some pictures that Kristy just had done with little Avery Grace and the rest of her kiddos…

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Right now for those that spend over $250 at Expected we will PAY YOUR SITTING FEES at Little Angels Photography!

Whenever the girls in our family have babies we always go get  newborn pictures done.  Babies are tiny for such a short period of time that it's just too precious to not capture those moments...not just for our sake, but for our kid's too. 

Here's one reason why…

For my birthday a few years ago my mom took me to lunch and told me all about her pregnancy with she was on a jump roping team until she was 9 months pregnant and then had to stop because her teammates wouldn't "turn" for her anymore (that would explain my never being able to sit still), how I was a cholicy baby and she would lay me in the sun and move me as the rays moved across the carpet throughout the day (I still prefer to take naps in the sun on the floor), how I was the easiest baby and most pleasant out of all my siblings (suckas!), she told me about funny things I said as a toddler and other sweet things that only a mother would know.  Then she gave me a photo album with pictures of all those stages she told me about.  The first picture was done professionally and took my breath away.  Was I really that tiny?  Was I REALLY that bald?  It was honestly one of the sweetest birthday presents I have ever been given. 

So my sisters found a really great photographer that captures those tiny moments just perfectly.  And of course, as a mother to a newborn you HAVE to have proof of how darling your baby is!  Bragging rights ladies!  The photographs are timeless and classic.  Anytime anyone asks me where to go for infant pictures I always send them to Tanya at Little Angels Photography.  Her and her digital artist, Brooke, literally make magic.

You can visit the website at or click here to visit their their blog.

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