Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day

With the holiday weekend that just passed I started to think about my own labor day - the one that involves going to the hospital! I have been so busy planning the baby's room, clothes, and other accessories that I forgot to plan for the actual birth. Here is a great list of things that I found helpful in planning what to pack in the hospital bag:
  1. A picture ID, insurance card, and any other hospital paperwork that you might need.
  2. Your birth plan - if you have one.
  3. Toiletries - the hospital usually provides things like soap and shampoo but you might prefer your own.
  4. A bathrobe, a few nightgowns or pajamas.
  5. Some comfy slippers or socks for delivery and for walking around the halls afterwards.
  6. And don't forget the camera and charger!
Things for after the delivery:
  1. A list of people and phone numbers that your partner can contact about the good news!
  2. Things to keep your skin hydrated like: lip balm, lotion, and nipple cream for nursing.
  3. Your favorite snacks - because let's face it, sometimes that hospital food just doesn't cut it!
  4. Comfortable, wireless, nursing bras. We have great Bravado nursing bras here at the store.
  5. Several pairs of maternity underwear. The hospital will provide some mesh underwear, but many women prefer to bring their own.
  6. You might want to bring your baby book to get things like the footprints that are done at the hospital.
  7. A journal and pen - to write down all the feelings that you are experiencing about your new bundle while it is fresh in your mind. You are also able to track your baby's feeding sessions and any questions that you might have for the nurse when they are not around.
  8. Clothes to wear home. Remember that now isn't the time to try to fit into your favorite pre-pregnancy jeans. Bring something that fit comfortably when you were about six months pregnant.
And don't forget about things for the baby!
  1. Make sure you have your car seat properly installed beforehand and know how to buckle your new one in properly!
  2. A going home outfit for baby. Make sure that you have socks or booties for their little toes and a soft knit hat is a good idea for the cooler air that is coming!
  3. An extra receiving blanket. The hospital will provide one to swaddle your bundle in, but having an extra one to tuck around them in the car seat - esp. in cold weather is important.
Hope these things help- please feel free to comment with any other advice!

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