Thursday, December 18, 2008

Winter Pregnancy Tips

It's amazing being pregnant any time of year, of course, but winter brings on a few special challenges. How to stay comfy and minimize mama-to-be worries when winter hits?

Buy Long Tees and Tank Tops

Black long sleeve Stretch your pre-pregnancy winter wardrobe by picking up a slew of long,  stretchy tanks and tee shirts in basic colors. Wear them underneath your sweaters to cover up the increasing distance between the top of your pants and the bottom of your top. And you can wear the tees layered or not after baby arrives, too.  Brands we love? Try Michael Stars, Shade or Lilac all available on our web site. 


Get Regular Pedicures

While it's true that no one (except you and the hubby) will be peeking at your toes on a regular basis, pedicures, with that great leg and foot massage, are good for your circulation. Plus, that extra little bit of pampering will help boost your mood, generally improving your overall preggo demeanor. And yes, manicures and pedicures are safe during pregnancy -- chemicals don't get absorbed into your nail beds. Just be mindful of possible nausea from harsh fumes. Choose a well-ventilated salon or grab a station by the door.

Spring for a Winter Maternity Coat -- and Get It Early!)

Lined Dress Coat If you'll be late in your second trimester or in your third during the coldest winter months, don't try to squeeze your expanding bod into your regular winter coat. You'll feel better about yourself, and will be way more comfortable (and warmer), if you shell out for a real maternity coat. They can be a little tricky to find, so don't wait till the depths of winter to start looking -- buy one early or online. 

Drink More H2O

Dealing with the itchy belly -- which many women experience as skin stretches to accommodate the growing baby -- may be more of an issue in the winter months when skin can be especially dry. Keep it moisturized with a basic over-the-counter moisturizer like Nivea and Eucerin, but make sure you're drinking tons of water, too. Make sure you're hydrating from within as well as without.

Get Go-To Winter Wardrobe Basics

Rock Republic Buy these three maternity pieces and you'll never be at a loss. Black pants, black blazer, great jeans (especially if you can wear jeans to work). Pants and jeans will be your wardrobe workhorses -- pair them with different tops and you can wear them multiple times a week. We love the black blazer because it's an instant wardrobe upgrade -- wear it unbuttoned (more flattering) over anything, from tee shirts to sweaters to long winter dresses. Plus, it hides all kinds of this-top-doesn't-quite-fit-me-anymore sins.

Get the Right Shoes
Truth? We obsess about slipping on ice or snow even when we're not pg -- so what's a preggo gal to do about this common winter hazard?  Invest in a good, stable pair of rubber-soled shoes or boots with good traction (i.e., deep treads) -- you'll walk more confidently.

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