Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birth Control is for Sissies!

birth_control You're pregnant, and people are just automatically going to look at you and notice your growing belly.  So why not have fun with it?!

Our moms and grandmothers always tried to hide the fact that they were pregnant.  I can't tell you how many baby-boomers say to me, "When I was pregnant you hid that belly as much as you could".  Well I say be proud!  Show the world that you are growing a sweet little baby inside of you and that you couldn't be happier about it!  I also say, every now and then push the envelope.  Go for shock value, or even just a little chuckle.  Nothing goes over better than a good sense of humor, and we all know that when you're pregnant a good sense of humor is necessary!  My cousin was pregnant with her 8th (yes EIGHTH) baby and she bought one of our shirts that said "Breeder" on it.  She would wear it to Costco or soccer games with her hubby and kids (who I must say were mortified) and she just got the best reactions.

We've got some pretty cute tops at the store that you should check out, and if you can't figure out where to wear them remember - they are always perfect for the gym!  My favorites are:
threesome baby_love
MUTHA wild_child

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