Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Preventing Stretch Marks – Fact or Fiction?

Everybody seems to have an idea of whether you can prevent stretch marks or not and here is the absolute truth: genetics play a roll in whether you will get them or not. However, they also play a roll in how you get wrinkles as you age. Just like your face, if you TAKE CARE of your skin and use preventative measures you can make sure that you come out on top with the best skin you possibly can.

So how do you take care of your skin and prevent those angry little lines from popping up? Here are a few tips:

1. Start Early & Drink Your Water – Everybody’s bodies are different and grow at different rates, and depending on what number of pregnancy you’re on that will also play into the lovely growing game that every pregnant woman gets to play. The second you get pregnant your body starts to take care of that little piece of heaven in your womb. One of the things it will do is deplete you of water, which means two things: 1. drink more water, and 2. lotion up! If your skin starts to get itchy you are way behind the game and really need to make sure you are lathering yourself up day and night. Moist skin stretches easier, thus preventing stretch marks!

2. Be Consistent – This cannot be stressed enough. Seriously. Sleep with your favorite stretch mark prevention cream next to your bed, have it ready and available when you get out of the shower, and always have some in your purse as you’re out and about. This is the number one key to keeping your skin beautiful.

3. Use It Everywhere – Yes, it’s true…when most people think of getting stretch marks they tend to only think about the belly. But to many people’s surprise (including my little sister’s), it is very common to get stretch marks in other places as well. When Brittany was pregnant I sent her the Tummy Honey Butter and Tummy Honey Stick and she was FAITHFUL in slathering it all over her belly. She was so proud of herself and just knew that her belly would be beautiful and glowing and snap right back to her pre-pregnancy skin. And she was right, she didn’t get a single stretch mark on it. What happened is that she got them on her boobies and hips. She was so mad - “why didn’t anyone tell me to put that stuff everywhere?!” So ladies, I am here to tell you right now – PUT THAT STUFF EVERYWHERE. Thighs (inner and outter), hips, upper arms, breasts, and of course – your stomach.

4. Take Your Vitamins – Add some extra Vitamin E and B Vitamins to your pre-natals and you won’t be sorry. Vitamin E is really good for overall skin care (both orally and topically) and a good B Vitamin will help with eczema and other dry skin conditions.

Here are a few items that are great for preventing stretch marks. You can get them individually or buy them in a 3-pack. They also contain anti-itch ingredients and are all natural, but definite pluses.


Tummy Honey Cream – Stretch Mark Fading Cream + Prevention

Tummy Honey Butter – great for your bathroom or by your bed

Tummy Honey Stick – perfect to just throw in your purse.

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